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Are You Tracking Your Marketing?

Many small business owners are becoming more aware that they need to be engaged in online marketing for their business. Typically the first thing they do is setup a website, and there’s nothing wrong with this. However, there’s a key element that they often overlook when doing so. This key is tracking the performance of […]

SEO of Building Your brand

The SEO Of Building Your Brand

In case you haven’t been following the ins and outs of SEO over the past year, there’s been a new asset hit the arsenal of SEO companies it’s something that’s tried and true – building your company’s brand. When most small business owners think about building their brand, they think in terms of gaining brand […]

Why Your Local Business Should Focus On Local SEO

It’s not often that Entrepreneur carries stories about #SEO. When they do, their take is often very different from those of companies like Moz, which is generally more concerned about tactics. Yesterday they did post a great article making the case as to why you as a business owner should be concerned with local SEO. […]

Realtors And The Importance Of SEO

Okay, so I was running through some of my usual news sites on SEO just to see who was spewing what and I ran across an article over at inman.com about how Realtors haven’t been able to make hay with SEO and use it as a source of leads. What’s more surprising from this article […]