Penguin 3.0 – The Ongoing Saga

Last week Google began the rollout of their Penguin 3.0 update. As is typical when these large update hit, you end up with a select few running an screaming for the hills and this time was no different.

On the morning of Saturday Oct 18, I and individuals on my team were already seeing the affects of the update. Many has suspected that the time was getting close for an update to the Penguin algorithm, though no one outside Google knew for sure when it would hit. It wasn’t until Sunday Oct 19 that Google officially acknowledged the update. By then, we had already seen enough data to point to a Penguin update.

How you ask?

Well, we maintain a proverbial canary in Google’s coal mine.

With enough sites to pull in some data points, you begin to get a picture pretty quickly when you see rankings for search phrases drop like a lead balloon.

Even though the rollout began about a week ago, Google says it’s not done yet. They have even publicly stated that this is a “slow, worldwide rollout.”

One of the questions that immediately comes up following an update like this is “What’s the impact?”

What we’ve heard so far is that it affects less than 1% of US/English search queries. Given that the original Penguin update affected 3.1% of these queries, this one would seem to be small potatoes in comparison.

However, that’s little comfort if yours was one of the sites affected.

Each time we see these updates, we also see an uptick in people becoming disenchanted with SEO. I’m sad to say that there are some in my industry that live a churn and burn mentality – even with clients that pay them.

Part of the reason is they don’t have the patience to perform a proper job, the other part is they lack the skills.

I always hate to hear stories from folks that spent thousands of dollars on a website that is now nowhere to be found on Google – aka banned or deindexed! This typically happens because the company thought they’d save a few bucks by hiring a cut rate company to help them rank, then BAM! They’re toast.

While this can be disheartening, it’s not the end of the world.

We have solutions to help clean up the mess left by others. If you’ve found yourself in this boat, reach out to us and let us help you put a plan together to clean up and get you back on track.