Why Your Local Business Should Focus On Local SEO

It’s not often that Entrepreneur carries stories about #SEO. When they do, their take is often very different from those of companies like Moz, which is generally more concerned about tactics.

Yesterday they did post a great article making the case as to why you as a business owner should be concerned with local SEO. We all know that local service based businesses like carpet cleaners, dentists, and auto repair shops are better served by a focus on local SEO. After all, it’s not common that a dentist in San Antonio would be seeking customers in Seattle.

However, there are some very good reasons as to why a national business should be interested in local SEO as well.

What many so called “national” companies are missing is that while they may be distributed across the US, their customers are often searching for a solution locally. Again, this goes back to how people look to connect. While an RV dealer may have sales locations across the country, their customers won’t be looking for a dealership outside of their local community. Now we can argue how to define “local community”, but it’s typically no more than 50-100 miles of where they live.

The other portion of this equation that many people don’t consider is what’s known as Geo targeting. This is the ability of companies, like Google, to determine where you are based on your IP address. As Google’s primary mission is to deliver the highest quality content for your search, if there are two companies competing for a search term, and one is closer in proximity to the searcher, that website will tend to rank higher.

If your company hasn’t solidified its local marketing plans, contact Tactix Marketing and let us give you a free 60 minute consultation to see where you stand and how to get your business to the top of more searches by creating an effective local SEO strategy.

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