Google Proof Your Business

Is Your Business Google Proof?

So you’ve hired an #SEO company and they’ve helped move you up in the #Google ranks. Everything is looking good, you have new customers for your #business and you wake up one morning to find your phone isn’t ringing like it was yesterday, or last week.

So what happened?

You look at the search terms you know you were ranking for, and you’re not there!

You begin to panic and call your SEO company. They tell you it sometimes happens and to give it a few days.

A week goes by and you’re still nowhere to be found. You begin to think that you’re hosed – and you could be right.

You see, many online marketing companies are looking to get you up in the ranks quickly. The sad part of this is that it can often work – temporarily. In the long run, you’re likely to see something as I’ve just described because you get slapped and possibly penalized by Google.

If you’re looking for a reputable internet marketing company to help you establish your online presence and to take you to the top of Google, give us a call. We work local with companies around Denver and Colorado Springs to do their SEO right from the beginning!

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