The Google Snack Pack

I have some hot news for you this week from Tactix Marketing. This week #Google rolled out yet another change that has impacted the local #SEO results for small businesses. This time they’ve made a MAJOR change to the local listings – aka the 7 pack. In the past, if you searched for “denver plumbers,” […]

Google Slap

Even The Big Boys Get Slapped

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen a company that #Google invests in get the dreaded Google slap! No matter what you’re doing for #SEO, you’re not immune to the long arm of Google. This time it was Thumbtack – a startup that’s backed by Google themselves. They were slapped, and hard! No, the […]

Google Proof Your Business

Is Your Business Google Proof?

So you’ve hired an #SEO company and they’ve helped move you up in the #Google ranks. Everything is looking good, you have new customers for your #business and you wake up one morning to find your phone isn’t ringing like it was yesterday, or last week. So what happened? You look at the search terms […]


Are You Tracking Your Marketing?

Many small business owners are becoming more aware that they need to be engaged in online marketing for their business. Typically the first thing they do is setup a website, and there’s nothing wrong with this. However, there’s a key element that they often overlook when doing so. This key is tracking the performance of […]

How Firefox Changed The Game

For many people, the newest edition of Firefox was a fairly hum drum event. However, in the world of online marketing, and especially SEO, it caused a tremor. It’s hard to believe that a new release of a browser would cause such a stir, but that’s exactly what happened. You see, the newest edition of […]